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LettersToMySistersHeadersmallestaDearest Sisters…

I have been meaning to write to you for some time now and for whatever reason, each time I begin a letter, I’ve been distracted.  I never intend to allow distractions to distract me from doing what I intend to do but distractions come and I allow them to derail me.  You probably find this to be true, too.  I’m thinking that’s one of the great battles we must determine to fight – or, rather, it’s one of the battles we must determine to win. 

I share this because of all the different things that vie for our attention – many times *good things* vie for our attention and yet, we must determine which distractions to stop and pay attention to and which distractions we must determine to ignore.  As mothers, we need to continually assess our priorities – this is not so much so that we’ll be sure and stay on schedule so much as it is that we continually remind ourselves of what we *know* is best or most important.  Different seasons allow for different things – but too often, distractions make us dissatisfied about the season we’re in and we’re tempted to run from the season to something that *seems* better. 

It seems that we sometimes live as though have forgotten what’s most important in our lives… we allow distractions to determine our thoughts and actions instead of our thoughts determining which things we’ll stop and pay attention to.  In our pursuit of personal accomplishment we might neglect the very responsibilities the LORD has given us – in our pursuit of self interest, we might even be duped into thinking that our personal responsibilities are the distraction.  See how our world can get turned upside down?  I think this is sort of what Paul was talking about in Romans 7.19

  For the good that I would I do not…”

It seems to all come down to that battle of the flesh… will I do what is best or what is right?  Or, will I do what I seem to want to do at the time?  So often we don’t stop and ask those questions… we’re often deep into a “distraction” before we stop and ask ourselves (and with a willingness to stop if need be) the questions.

Have you written out your priorities lately?  I have found a helpful thing to do is to write out all that I ought to be doing each day and then in the next column, write out all that I *am* doing each day.  It’s a sometimes painfully obvious picture that I’m not doing what I ought to be doing – a sobering reality that my priorities have shifted and I’ve allowed distractions to determine my actions.   I see the damage my distractedness has done – because what should have been done hasn’t been done and what shouldn’t have been done (at the time) has gobble up my time, energy and resources.  Every now and then I need this “wake-up” call to remind me that time’s short and I need to be about the business at hand.   

When priorities are straight, then when *interruptions* come along, we can answer the interruption and then go back to where we’re needed – that place or those things that we have predetermined to attend to.  But if we live *distracted* then it’s quite difficult to even find where we ought to be because we’ve allowed distractions to be the rule of the day. 

I pray the LORD will bless you in these days in your home that you will be delighting in the marvelous gift of the life the LORD has prepared especially for you to live. 

God bless you… I’ll write again soon. 

love, pamela

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