Spurgeon on Mothers


Charles Haddon Spurgeon was England’s best-known preacher for most of the latter half of the nineteenth century – Spurgeon was twenty years old when he became the pastor of London’s New Park Street Church.  Imagine that, at twenty years old!   The motto of Spurgeon’s ministry and Metropolitan Tabernacle church in London England was, “We Preach Christ and Him Crucified.  Here’s a small taste of what he concluded regarding mothers.  How we must reflect on these powerful sentiments.

quotebeginO dear mothers, you have a very sacred trust reposed in you by God! He hath in effect said to you, “Take this child and nurse it for Me, and I will give thee thy wages.” You are called to equip the future man of God, that he may be thoroughly furnished unto every good work. If God spares you, you may live to hear that pretty boy speak to thousands, and you will have the sweet reflection in your heart that the quiet teachings of the nursery led the man to love his God and serve Him. Those who think that a woman detained at home by her little family is doing nothing, think the reverse of what is true. Scarcely can the godly mother quit her home for a place of worship; but dream not that she is lost to the work of the church; far from it, she is doing the best possible service for her Lord. Mothers, the godly training of your offspring is your first and most pressing duty.”

quotebeginThere is never a babe dropped into a mother’s bosom but it brings care, labour, grief, and anxiety with it.”

quotebeginOur fathers are all very well—God bless them!—and a father’s godly influence and earnest prayers are of untold value to his children; but the mothers are worth two of them, mostly, as to the moral training and religious bent of their sons and daughters.”

quotebeginThere is, somehow, a wonderful power about a mother’s voice, when she talks to her children about Jesus and his love, which stamps itself upon the heart, and the heart is a far better place for the custody of truth than ever the brain can become.”

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