site up and running again…

Hello girlfriends… thanks for stopping in!
After the strange hit this site’s taken, and the destruction of some files, and my inability to even “get in” I’ve spent (with the gracious help from my husband!) the better part of this week trying to reconstruct this site along with reconnecting broken links to the original site.

Many links are still not working, and pages are still missing but in time I hope to restore them, too. As you’ll see, many of the antiquated pages linked to the original site have broken links and links to sites that are no longer in existence. With all the changes to the internet protocols and the fading out of old web platforms, design programs and new formatting, it’s pretty difficult to take the necessary time to redo old sites and many women have just decided it’s not feasible to try and rework them.

It sure was a labour of love in the late 90’s and early 2000’s to build websites, create artwork, etc., etc.  Many women, like me, got all consumed with the cool new method of learning, connecting, researching, communicating (and losing track of *time*).  Then came along programs to streamline webdesign and still more progress kind of eliminated the need for ‘self hosting’ and design.  This is where many women jumped to web-based programs.  I did too, to a degree using self-hosted WordPress platforms.  But then, I still had the old website and all its gazillion links, articles and images.

So, I’ve made the decision to continue self-hosting the old site( so I can just link to those old pages for you – big problem is, I no longer have the original microsoft program I used to design/edit/reconfigure those pages — so they’re just as they were {meaning *no* updated material} until I can take the time to reformat them.  Please overlook the dead links if you can and glean from what’s available.  I’ll gather little by little the articles and links I know to be solid and put them here.

Until then… I’ll use this site for the various topics of interest to Christian homes, women/families.
Thanks again for reading! Blessings to you!

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