wesnpamelavalentinesThank you for coming to A Christian Home and visiting our site today.   We seek to be a complete web-resource for Christian homes. And so, may the LORD bless you as you seek to follow Him and know His ways.  May He direct your thoughts, ALL your reading and ALL your web-searches. We pray you’ll find practical helps and resources to help you and your family as you journey heavenward.  A Christian Home is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Word of God, for Christian homes and families, encouraging faith in Jesus Christ, instruction through the Scriptures, a vibrant walk with God, making disciples, furthering the gospel, encouraging grace and the love of Christ in the home, in the local church and through missions around the world. 

Our purpose for this site remains the same from the beginning: to help you find good things & resources for your home and family.  Here you will find hundreds of pages and hundreds of outside links that will instruct and encourage you and to help shine light on the path and strengthen your walk with the LORD.becausehomemattersWe’re A Christian Home because God’s Word matters, faith matters, the nurturing family home matters, marriage matters and generations to come matter!  Relationships matter.  Knowledge of the Truth matters, purity matters, modesty matters and so much more!  But mostly, we have made this site available  because we seek to encourage the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord Jesus in all that we do: that the Word of God be not blasphemed.



A Christian Home is just simply a labour of love; we receive no compensation from links or materials we suggest.  We solely fund this site, our lines, web hosting and all annual fees.  We ask that you please honour copyrights and credit sources.  Please do not use our pictures/art/etc. without expressed written permission from us.  Thank you.  Please do not copy the pictures and/or clipart—please go to the sources or our art and according to their instructions, download images from them.  Thank you.  PLEASE do not hot link images from our site.  Unfortunately, many people use graphics at their sites, message boards etc. without first downloading them to their own computers— this is direct-linking and we ask you, PLEASE DO NOT DIRECT LINK IMAGES!  We have no advertising, save our praise & thanks for the blessing many of these folks have been to us. We hope you’ll support the Christian businesses we highlight, as we pray the LORD will prosper His work of their hearts & hands and ours.


teacup1  And, truly, dear sisters, whatever I share, I share with you because The LORD has been very merciful to me and He is trustworthy and with the encouragement, provision, blessing and care of my husband: it’s “my” work, but together, we bring you this site.  It is with thanks and praise to the LORD Jesus… He is my Rock and my Redeemer, He is my Strength, my Source and my Shield.  He’s brought me through many trials, has carried me through dark days and hopeless seasons—He’s given me light and He’s given me hope.  That’s the reason this whole website exists… to share help and hope for women and families… and it’s my prayer to inspire and encourage you to be the woman God’s designed *you* to be.

coffecupThe advice given is peer advice and there is no intent to be the “final authority” on any matter shared.  Trust the LORD, talk with your husband about anything you read here.  I have no intention to be the “last word” — I do not think I know everything and pray to not come across that way.  God bless you in your home.  The plate’s have been dished up here; please eat what you want and leave the rest.  May the LORD fill you.

rosecolouredglasses  ~ pamela

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