Love to Mamas of Prodigals

he very mention of the word, prodigal, brings to mind a flood of memories. I’ve written about, spoken at retreats and women’s studies, and have shared my own experiences as a mamas of prodigals.

I had a section on the old site – a page dedicated to prodigals and waywards.  So often, through the years, I’ve had women share their stories, share advice, share their struggles and disappointments and feelings of utter failure and hopelessness.   Usually all I can say is that I understand.  They probably think I don’t.  But I do. I really do. Time never seems to allow for elaborating my reason for empathy… but somehow I’m able to convey enough that these mamas get it.  They get that I get them — that I understand.

I read another great article from Revive Our Hearts today… It was encouraging to me, affirming what I already know and reminding me to walk in the grace the Lord has given me.  I think it just might encourage you, too. Ministering to Moms of Prodigal Children

God bless you as you continue to travel the narrow path… trusting the Saviour for His great plans. Love to you today. ♥


Waywards & Prodigals


Praying for Wayward and Prodigal Children


In Jesus there is Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow

Every Day… New Hope in His Great Faithfulness


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