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Spurgeon on Mothers

Charles Haddon Spurgeon was England’s best-known preacher for most of the latter half of the nineteenth century – Spurgeon was twenty years old when he became the pastor of London’s New Park Street Church. Imagine that, at twenty years old! The motto of Spurgeon’s ministry and Metropolitan Tabernacle church in London England was, “We Preach Christ and Him Crucified. Here’s a small taste of what he concluded regarding mothers. How we must reflect on these powerful sentiments.

O dear mothers, you have a very sacred

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A Mother Worthy of Remembrance

No matter who you are, where you live, what your age… the very mention of the word “mother” likely conjures up many emotions. Even when we mothers look at ourselves in the mirror, we undoubtedly have mixed emotions as to who we are, what we do, what we hoped we’d be and what we are becoming. We may think back on memories of our mothers with bittersweet emotion… loving them for who they were or tried to be, cringing with regret for taking them for granted, regretting things

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Mothers, Untie!

Dearest Sisters ~

I have been remembering you in prayer and pray that the LORD is sustaining, guiding and providing for everything that concerns you. I originally wrote today’s letter as a blog entry. I hope to encourage you in your home and with your family.

Yep – I let a typo become the title and framework of this Letter. I hope it encourages you. <3

I say… mothers: Untie!

This, I say, for many reasons. Older mothers have

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